An Important Resource Needed For Our Environment Essay

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Water is an important resource needed for our subsistence & is required on a global level. The various hydrologic cycles are necessary in order to preserve the balance of our ecosystem. Thus, good quality water is necessary for our survival. Chemical & biological composition are two criteria for evaluating water quality. Water hardness can be defined by the presence of divalent cations dissolved in a water sample. The divalent cations usually present are Ca2+ & Mg2+ and these cations bestow chemical properties to water. Thus, hard water will have increased concentration of divalent cations when compared to soft water. Ca2+ & Mg2+ are the most commonly found divalent cations in hard water and are denoted by a +2 charge. But, polyvalent cations can also cause hardness in water. The hardness of a sample is measured in parts per million or ppm denoting the concentration of that cation. But, ppm CaCO3 is used as a standard to measure the concentration of these ions relative to the concentration of CaCO3.1
It is important to note the significance of analyzing the hardness of water as the presence of these divalent cations has its own merits & demerits. Ca2+ & Mg2+ are an absolute necessity for the proper functioning of our human body. Despite the fact that calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body, our body only uses 1% of the total calcium in our body for processes. Calcium is needed for functions like secretion of hormones, vasodilation, intracellular signals, muscle…

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