Essay on An Important Observation From The Pcr Process

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An important observation from the PCR process is the idea of going back to nature to seek answers to the challenges that we are faced with. The One who created the planets took into consideration the fact that bacteria such as Thermos Aquaticus would need a special chemical composition to be able to live in that environment that it stays in. It appears that there is a strong evidence that indeed creation, as told by the Bible, is not some kind of myth. Therefore, whenever we are faced with such problems of the likes never seen before, we should resort to nature for solution. Undoubtedly, it has proved to be reliable in such scenarios. Now that we have understood what PCR is, let us see how it is used in the study of molecular evolution. A very interesting achievement in biochemistry today, is the ability to experimentally study the molecular evolution. In the case of nucleic acids, a diverse population can be synthesized in the laboratory by the process of combinatorial chemistry. (Book). This population can then be subjected to a selection process that will isolate a particular type of molecules with desired binding or reactivity properties. (Book). From here, the selected molecules can be replicated by using PCR amplification method. Errors that occur during each step of replication ensures variations further down the road in the next generations. These variations are very important because they are the basis for understanding how a number of different nucleic acids can…

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