An Important Criterion For Eil Text Development Essay

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An important criterion for EIL text development is whether the learners are exposed to different varieties of English, and whether they are made conscious of the superdiversity of cultures. McKay and Bokhorst-Heng (2008, p.2) consider globalization as a ‘reformulation of social space in which the global and local are constantly interacting with one another’. They also discuss that ‘neither one should be afforded a dominant position ’. This “glocal” aspect implies that the English-speaking world that the ELT materials present should include a blending of cultures, both local and international, so that learners can naturally merge their local experiences and cultures with those that are offered in the ELT materials.
The fact that English is frequently used for cross-cultural communication suggests that curricula should be culturally sensitive, encouraging learners to learn about other cultures as a way of reflecting on their own values and beliefs. The goal then is not to learn primarily about the culture of English-speaking countries but rather to learn about many cultures and about differing cultural values as a way of increasing the learners’ sensitivity to cross-cultural differences. McKay (2002), in proposing that the “de-nationalization” of English ownership by Smith (1992) in shaping a world language be renamed as “re-nationalization” (p. 12), refers to the main role of culture in the teaching of EIL. McKay (2002) proposes that in the teaching of EIL, culture be paid…

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