An Idiot Abroad Play Analysis

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An Idiot Abroad
What will happen when a touchy couch potato becomes a reluctant world traveler? An Idiot Abroad can give you the answer. In this British travel comedy series, a man named Karl Pilkington is sent by his friends, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, to travel to several foreign countries around the world. In the episode that is to be discussed here, he was made to visit Thailand and was asked to perform a variety of quirky tasks assigned by his friends. There are certain elements in An Idiot Abroad that make the show unique and entertaining. One of those is the show’s host, the one and only Karl. There is something about Karl’s appearance and personality that sets him apart from other people. When anyone first meets him, the most
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The places his friends made him visit were some of the strangest in Thailand. First, he was sent to the backstage of the cabaret club in Bangkok to have a makeover which few special people would get this privilege. In the dressing room filled with racks of brightly colored costumes and accessories were groups of trans-women doing their hair and putting their makeup on, getting themselves ready for the show. Anyone who got the chance to see this would be amazed like Karl since they all looked like women- it was hard to tell the difference between the real ones and the trans ones. The next place he visited was a shrine. Unlike a typical shrine anyone has seen, this one was full of countless phallus statues, different in colors, sizes, and materials. Some were small and red like those of sausages, others were large and brown, tied with colorful ribbons. After walking in wonder around the shrine for a while, Karl made his way to the medical museum. Inside there were bodies of murderers preserved in the wooden wardrobe and plenty of skulls and dissected heads displayed in the glass case, evoking a sense of eeriness to anyone who saw them, especially Karl, who marveled at how death surrounded him

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