An Ideal Guardian Of A City Essay

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For a society whether it is a nation state or a city to ideally function a select group of ideals should be followed by its respective polis.
Spartan King Archidamus relays his selection of those ideals in the book entitled “Thucydides on Justice”. Socrates in Plato`s Republic introduces the necessary qualities needed to become an ideal Guardian of a city. The aim of this essay is to present in chronological order the list of ideals presented by each of these individuals and subsequently compare and contrast these viewpoints.

The Unified Nation of Greece that is present today is a relatively new creation. For much of it’s past it compromised of alliances and warring cities. One of these wars was the Peloponnesian war. “The immediate causes that were alleged were three Athenian actions: her siege of Potedia, her decision to help defend the island of Corcyra against Corinth and her decree restricting trade with Megara.” Pg 16. In an attempt to resolve the aforementioned problem those cities that were wronged presented their case to Athens. It is here that Archidamus vocalizes his view.

He explains that engaging in war at this time was not expedient. In an attempt to curtail their passions he appeals to their tradition. Arguing that the traditional aspects of Spartan history made them great. Explaining that encompassed in Spartan tradition was courage but the core of that tradition was deliberate action.

Archidamus separates his definition of courage into multiple pieces.…

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