An Ideal Education Should Be Taught Essay

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How do we get an ideal education? The way I see it, an ideal education really lies on the person who teaches the students, an ideal education should be where students can think outside the box instead of within, it should be in a way where students can feel like they can do anything with their knowledge and achieve successfully their goals. An ideal education should be where we can be ourselves and be creative and figure out where to go and what to be in life.
Teachers have a big part on a student’s life because they build our knowledge and some do inspire us throughout our school years. Teachers do have the power to open a young’s students mind and encourage them to do well in their studies. I do get the fact that not every student is the same and they don’t all learn the same way and that’s where the teachers should come in and help, in my opinion I do think teachers should take in consideration where they should take their time with students who really do need help and not only simply pass them like a breeze, teachers shouldn’t give them the answers to students so easily but they should use their minds and figure things out and be independent. In the essay that Emerson wrote about education he said “If a child happens to show that he knows any fact about astronomy, or plants, or birds, or rocks, or history, that interests him and you, hush all the classes and encourage him to tell it so that all may hear” But in some cases, also known as reality some teachers are not…

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