An Ideal Definition Of The Family Essay

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The concept and idea of the family are constantly changing. Different researchers have attempted to develop an ideal definition of the family. Social life changing makes family complicated to be analyzed. Numerous researchers such as Murdock have defined family, but have not been successful. Success lacks when groups and people in society are excluded from the definition. Murdock defines family as “It includes adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship, and one or more children own or adopted of cohabitating adults”(Gittins 1985;1). Murdock’s four basic aspects of the functionalist are used to define family as well. The four aspects are: common residence, economic co-operation, reproduction, and sexuality. This definition is not a good definition of the family because it cannot be applied to fit everyone in society. This definition is narrow, and exclusive. It is based on the biological aspects that do not include all living people. It portrays the image that a couple needs to be heterosexual in order to create a family structure. Finally, it is not using the sociological imagination to take in consideration everyone’s circumstances and culture. In the reading The Family in Question, by Diana Gittins, argues that there is no true or perfect definition. Family cannot be defined in one definition. This is because many characteristics of the family exist. The characteristics of the family may be applicable to some individuals…

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