An Icon Is Someone Known For Their Achievements Essay

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An icon is someone known for their achievements. An icon is someone known for the difference they were able to make in their lifetime. An icon is someone known for the change they inspired. An icon is someone known for casting a shadow of good which others strive to step into. One man who casts such a shadow is Eugene A. Stead; a man who achieved, made a difference, and inspired change. Stead attended both Harvard and Duke’s schools of medicine, and after working for many years as a doctor, saw the desperate need for more physicians in the medical field. Stead sought to decrease the class time and the financial risks of becoming a medical professional, so he created a profession never before seen in the American medical field- the physician’s assistant, (The History of the PA Profession). Stead took on the title of teacher and created Duke’s PA program. He then- single handedly- graduated the first class of physician’s assistants and worked for many more years to ensure their success in the medical world, (Wallace 4). Eugene A. Stead was an innovator to the PA profession through his efforts in medical education which created the Physician’s Assistant and opened up greater opportunities for the revolution of American medical practices. The physician’s assistant profession was created to act as an additional medical resource to primary care physicians. Prior to 1965 educators and doctors alike- namely Eugene A. Stead- recognized a shortage of professions that would act as…

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