An Extraordinary Tribe Of Central Asian Nomads Essay

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Between 1206 and 1368, an extraordinary tribe of Central Asian nomads arose in the steppes of Mongolia to form one of the world 's largest contiguous land empires in history - the Mongol Empire. Led by Genghis Khan, the Mongols, within a span of less than 80 years, grew to encompass 24,000,000 square kilometers of the continent of Eurasia. In saying so, as part of the Mongol conquests, an approximated 30 million or more people had died. However, while his image in much of the world was shaped by these notoriously ruthless and bloodthirsty campaigns, Genghis Khan was and still is considered and celebrated as a hero all throughout Mongolia. Whereby he is seen as being the father of the Mongol Nation, who brought law, literacy, and religion to his people. He promoted the growth of trade throughout Asia and was a great military strategist.
Before the reign of Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Steppes of the 12th century was a zone of complete and utter chaos - characterised by the hostility of its inhabitants. Whereby, the vendettas and violent struggles between the various fragmented tribes over land and status, were endemic and became a typical feature of steppes politics. In saying so, the Mongols were not much different from the other feuding tribes of the steppe; led by a type of political-military aristocracy, they too had fought each other as well as outsiders. The Mongols comprised of mostly illiterate, religiously shamanistic nomadic horsemen. However despite being among the…

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