Essay about An Exploration Of The Idea Of A Plural Form Of Gender

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An exploration of the idea of a plural form of gender that emerges from Schoene Harwood’s essay About Man making and Cixous’s Sortes.

This essay will engage Schoene-Harwood’s essay on man making and Cixous’s essay on the tradtional binaries of gender to find a relation between these diverse yet similar theories of masculinity and feminism.
This essay will predominantly focus on analysing the notion of a plural form of gender that emerges within both texts with an engagement of Gender and Gothic theory. Mutual notions of gender explored within both texts: the place or displacement of the mother in thought and discourse, the correlation between effeminateness and hyper masculinity, and gender reduced to binaries ‘abjecting’ the ‘other’ will be analysed.

Both Harwood and Cixous explore the blurring between the two set categories of gender emphasising the ambiguity that lies in-between. Both theorists introduce writers who express and embody both genders within their works.

Harwood proffers an in-depth analysis on Shelly’s multiple layering of gender and cross writing within Frankenstein.He claims that Shelley ‘ingeniously disclose(s) the complex gender dynamics at work within patriarchy…’ whilst ‘Intricately entwining the differently gendered primary and secondary voices …’ (Harwood, 2000:5/9). Harwood discusses Victor’s process of becoming masculine or attempt to become Masculine. He points out that Victor’s ‘strict opposition to femininity’ and ‘predilection’ for ‘manly…

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