an exploration of causes and effects of obesity Essay

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An Exploration of the causes and effects of obesity

Obesity is excess body fat. It is usually defined by body mass index (BMI) which is individual’s weight (kg) divided by their squares of height (m) (Jebb, 2004; Eagle et al, 2004). At the same time, BMI was classified into four conditions. Firstly, when the BMI less than 18.5 kg/㎡is underweight. Secondly, 18.5 kg/㎡to less than 25.0 kg/㎡ belong to normal weight. Thirdly, overweight is 25.0 kg/㎡to less than 30.0 kg/㎡. Finally, exceeding 30.0 kg/㎡ is totally obese (Eagle et al, 2004). Other papers categorize more detailed in the part of obese, which sections three parts, such as, Grade I obesity (30.0 kg/㎡to less than 35.0 kg/㎡), Grade II obesity (35.0 kg/㎡to less than 40.0 kg/㎡) ,
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Secondly, base on Borrell’s research data, when individual who is overweight and obese (regardless of the grade) get the CVD disease, it can be found out that these individuals’ dying rate will be significantly higher than individuals who have normal weight (Borrell and Samuel, 2014). After studied individuals who were different race and have different education backgrounds, the research acquired it one result that obese individuals might have a shorter life than normal-weight individuals for CVD-specific mortality and the same phenomenon could exist in different ages people (ibid).

In addition, the dangerous situations were the worst in obese adults whose ages are between 45 and 64 for all-cause and CVD-specific mortality (Borrell and Samuel, 2014). It means that Grades II and III obese adults aged 45 to 64 years have significantly higher death rates than people who have normal weight. These higher death rates lead to among Grades II and III obese adults (45 to 64 years old) early death by at least 7 years (ibid). Through a great many prospective studies, it is widely accepted that obesity contributes to premature death. Apart from, obesity has other disadvantages to individuals.
The relationship of Chronic Conditions
Obesity might raise some diseases’ hazard and the biggest main risk is cardiovascular disease (Jebb, 2004). There are these who maintain that, in public health terms, the largest burden of disease is

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