An Explanation Of Edward Said 's Evaluation Of Contemporary Society By Stressing The Religious / Secular Division

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This book offers an explanation of Edward Said 's evaluation of contemporary society by stressing the religious/secular division. Hart argues that this division is equally factual and metaphorical: It addresses spiritual and worldly customs, but also allegories that broaden the connotation and position of faith and secularism in an undetermined manner. Incorporating reviews and critiques of Said will help me present a rounded, unbiased view of his work within my dissertation.

In this article, Mortimer discusses the work of Edward Said and the continuation of his concepts in the works of Algerian novelist Assia Djebar. He offers a contrapuntal reading of Said and Djebar, ultimately addressing the Maghrebian colonial experience which is an area which Said does not cover in Orientalism. This article is a valuable resource as it offers a critique of Said and deals with postcolonial gender/feminist studies and case studies regarding such areas of postcolonial theory will be included in the dissertation.

Nelson’s book focuses on the difficulties that face the field of biblical studies due to its amalgamation with the likes of postcolonialism, post-structuralism and liberation theology, and she uses the book of Job as the case study in which to explore this. As I am relying heavily on Nelson’s use of the contrapuntal method throughout my dissertation, it is important for me to research her works.

Nelson uses this article to discuss Edward Said’s influence in the field of…

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