An Experimental Evidence That Neurons Can Transmit Essay

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There has been recent experimental evidence that neurons can transmit information through precisely timed spike patterns. Patterns can be found in the precise spike timings of a group of neurons, which form a functional neuron group. Polychronization [20] can be defined as the ability to produce ‘time-locked’ but not synchronous firing patterns with milli-second precision. A network consisting of a group of neurons recurrently connected, with axonal delays and a synaptic efficacy tuning technique called Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity
(STDP) can be shown to display polychronization.
A simple example of polychronization is depicted below.
Figure 6.1: Polychronization[20]
The figures above depict polychronous activity among a network of neurons. (A) depicts a network of neurons with multiple axonal delays. An input stimulus is presented to the set of input neurons a, b, c. Figure (B) depicts the firing sequence when all three input neurons fire synchronously. The information transmission capacity for synchronous firing is very low. Further, neither output neurons
26 polychronization a or e are likely to fire. In Fig (C), a presented stimulus causes the neurons to fire asynchronously in the order d, c, b. Due to axonal delays, these spikes reach neuron a at the same time, making it more likely to fire. In fig (D), another input stimulus may cause the neurons to fire in the order b, c, d, making it more likely for neuron e to fire.
Hence depending on the…

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