An Experiment On Their Physical Appearance Essay examples

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During the experiment, observations were made about their physical appearance. In part I, reaction one produced a blinding, bright white light when the metal burned and the metal turned into a white powdery substance. For reaction two, there was no reaction at first and it took a long time for it to react, but then bubbles started to form around the magnesium ribbon and the substance turned into a pink-yellowish color around the magnesium strip when it was placed in the 150 milliliters beaker. The physical observations of reaction three was the magnesium strip started to form bubbles around it and it seemed to protrude from the magnesium strip itself. Reaction four, when reacted, bubbles started to form around the magnesium strip, it started fizzing, black was forming around the magnesium ribbon and specs were found in the solution. It also seemed that the magnesium strip was producing the bubbles and causing the solution to react.
In part II, reaction five started to form salt at the bottom of the test tube, which formed a precipitate. The solution turned into a gelatinous light blue color and it seemed to have similar characteristics to jelly. In reaction six, the substance turned into a blue gelatinous substance that formed a precipitation. Reaction seven obtained a dark blue/purple color when it was reacted with the copper sulfate. The physical appearance of reaction eight was it formed a black precipitation. Reaction nine had a reaction that a blue/black precipitate…

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