An Experiment On Aerobic Cellular Respiration Essay

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Aerobic cellular respiration is the process in which energy is being released from organic compounds by chemical oxidation. In this lab we compared the change of the consumption of oxygen in germinating peas as it underwent changes in temperatures of either ten degrees Celsius, or 22 degrees Celsius (room temp.) to the oxygen consumption of dried peas as it also underwent the same temperatures of ten and 22 degrees Celsius. I hypothesized that the germinating peas would consume more oxygen than the dormant/dry peas at the 22 degree temperature rather than at the ten degree temperature because the germinating peas are supporting growing tissues and need the oxygen and proper conditions to continue to develop, whereas the dry peas aren’t in need of oxygen because they haven’t sprouted yet and therefore don’t need much because they aren’t supporting growing tissues. As far as the temperature, 22 degrees provides the plants with a good environment to grow in. Because most plants die in the winter it seemed ideal that the germinating peas would be most active in the warmer temperature (22 degrees) than in the colder temperature (ten degrees).
• Absorbent cotton balls
• 15 Dry/dormant peas
• Food coloring
• 15 Germinating peas
• Glass beads
• 100 ml Graduated cylinder
• Ice
• 15% KOH (peroxide)
• two Large bins
• Nonabsorbent cotton
• Paper towels
• one Piece of Paper
• six Pipettes
• six Stoppers
• Stretchy Wax stuff
• Tape
• two Thermometer

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