An Exercise On Critical Reasoning Essay

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An Exercise in Critical Reasoning
Andrew Nelson
HUM101 ? Critical Reasoning
Colorado State University ? Global Campus
Dr. R. Scott Rasnic
May 15, 2016

An Exercise in Critical Reasoning
What does critical thinking mean to me? Critical thinking means being able to analyze situations, actions, or problems with an objective and rational mindset (Nelson, 2016). Defining my stage of development has been a tedious process of analyzing my thoughts and actions. In many ways I am an Unreflective thinker, very egocentric in my thoughts, what can I make better for myself and not necessarily others. I don?t question the ways that I make decisions and generally consider my logic to be sound. However, as of recently I have been trying to introduce myself to analyzing my thoughts and actions. Am I really making rational and logical decisions? In other words, I am challenging my current thought process to identify my bias, self-deception, and faulty concepts. Challenging my currents methods of reasoning and discovering the many flaws that exist in my abilities to fairly assess a situation. I?m moving to Stage 2: The Challenged Thinker.
My Life and Critical Thinking
For me the topic of Critical Thinking only applied to me in school. Never gave it much though outside of my education, which would be consistent of honestly not understanding the concept. In high school I was never taught critical…

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