Symbolism And Representation In Art

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Art History Final Paper
Often times in art work we will see the artist use symbolism and representation instead of just coming out and saying or putting exactly what they mean. Symbolism means an artistic movement o style using symbolic images to express ideas. Symbolism is a very popular choice and you will see many pieces of work with it. Representation is just like symbolism and portrays as another object and is also very popular in artwork.
An example of symbolism and representation is in “The Artist in His Museum” by Charles Willson Peale. Peale was known for his self-portraits but this one was a different from his others. This piece was a way for him to look back at all his accomplishments. He use symbolism to show his accomplishments
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Piero della Francesca does just that in his painting “Flagellation”. In this painting there is the use of biblical imagery, which symbolizes the violation of the church. The three men in the foreground seem to flagellation on their minds but the man in the middle seems to not be a real person. He doesn’t have shoes on and seems to be portrayed as important as the other two men. He may symbolize and angel listening and helping the men. Another example of symbolism in religious art pieces is Michelangelo’s “David”. He makes David less realistic by representing him as a grown up before the fight instead of the boy he was in the fight with Galifi. Michelangelo uses symbolism by showing him grown up, which symbolizes his transformation from a boy to a hero. Also his hands are larger than they should be, which symbolizes God gave him strength for the fight. In “The Law and the Gospel” by Lucas Cranach the Elder, religious symbolism is also portrayed. There is a nude man in both the right and left pages that a representation of a regular man that is timeless. In the dead side, left, there are flames of hell that symbolize being a sinner. While on the alive side, right, there is a lamb that symbolizes Christ. The lamb is stomping on the …show more content…
In “The Marriage Contract, from Marriage a la Mode” by William Hogarth shows symbolism in a way you know who is more wealthy and important. In this painting it is about a woman marrying a man but not by choice but because of their fathers. The man’s father is an example of symbolism by the way he is portrayed. He sits and is wearing very nice clothes and is pointing to his family tree. This man symbolizes his courtliness and his wealth. Also symbolism is used with the lawyer talking to the woman by sharping his pen, which is a sexual symbol. In “The Oath of the Horatii” by Jacques-Louis David, Symbolism is also used to show how important some people are. The three boys of the Horatti family symbolize importance because how the light is shining on them while everything else is darkened. Also they’re symbolizing power and strength because they’re risking their lives for their family and also men were seen as very important while women weren’t always portrayed the same. David showed that here by making the women represent a typically woman that people portrayed in that day in age. The women are being overly emotional and don’t have as much lighting shined on them unlike the

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