Essay about An Example Of My Leadership Experience

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1. Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.
In the last summer, I served as a mentor to my adolescent cousin, who is not doing well at school. What makes the situation worse is that he is graduating from junior-high school and transitioning into high school, where the curriculum is harder and requires self-discipline. Knowing that my cousin is in such a trouble, I volunteer myself to my uncle and aunt that I will mentor my cousin and help him navigate through the transition process.
The first thing I did is to reflect upon myself. I understand that to convince someone, the most effective way is to start from their perspective and map out their goals. Obviously, my cousin liked playing video games, and he wants to have fun. Thus I understood why my uncle and aunt had failed convincing him. How can they convince their son not to do things he liked? Knowing this, I construct my argument on my cousin’s goal. I told my cousin that there is nothing wrong with enjoying life, but there is a tradeoff between enjoying life now and enjoying life in the future. If one enjoying the current moment too much, essentially he or she will lose the opportunity to enjoy life in the future. I appears to my cousin as to help him achieve his goal instead of convincing him to achieve his parents’ goal. My reasoning made my cousin become aware of his own action. He…

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