An Example Of Cognitive Development Sequence Essay

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Normal or typical development is “the process of growing, changing, and acquiring a range of skills at approximately the same age and in the same sequence as the majority of children of similar age.” (Allen 81) As sad as it sounds, children and their developmental stages are rather predictable. I work at a preschool and more often than not we find ourselves seeing the typical developmental process. A developmental sequence tend to be predictable and based off of observations of children of the same age. An example of motor development sequence is first a child touches toys, then grasps them, then holds their bottle, and then begins to throw and shake toys. An example of cognitive development sequence is when a child is writing their name they are doing the thinking process, first they learn the letters, then the sounds, then they have a visualization of the letters together creating their name, then they begin writing, and finally they put it all together on paper creating their own name. One step after another. An example of social developmental sequence is when a child first starts school they are very shy and unwilling to let go of their mother’s leg. As the days go on, they begin to reach out and play with other students, become familiar with new faces, and create a personal relationship. Almost as if they go through the crying stage of attachment to the happy and comfortable stage. An example of sequence in language development is when children are beginning to write…

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