An Example Of An Advertising Managers In Marketing

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• Advertising o Advertising is the communication with a user of a service or product. o Advertisements are used as messages for viewers to inform them about a product and to influence them to take interest in the product itself. o Ex: Advertising concerts, festivals, T-Shirts for sports teams, etc. o As of August 29, of this year, an advertising manager 's salary is $90,050. It ranges between $78,826 - $108,306. o Advertising Managers gather the information needed to plan advertising campaigns. o An example of an advertising business would be Burke in Charlotte, NC o In order to be an advertisement manager, you are required to at least have a bachelor 's degree in either, journalism, marketing, or of course advertisement. o You need to …show more content…
• Merchandising o Job Title: Retail Merchandiser o Job description- A retail merchandiser makes sure that the products are in the right store with the correct amount of products. They have to work close with the buying team to show trends and plan stock levels, they set prices to maximise prices. o Salary- A sales merchandiser from nike’s salary ranges from $75,045 - $81,927 o Category - sports marketing category o Company: Nike o Training and Education Requirements - To get an internship at Nike you have to be in your 3rd or 4th year at a business administration, you have to have the ability to work on multiple projects at once, and you have to have experience with merchandising or operational marketing
• Media Relations o Job Title: Media Relations Specialist o Job Description: Create and maintain a public image for the company/organization they work for. They also produce media releases to shape how the public sees their company’s/organization’s work and goals o Salary: In 2015 the median annual wage was $56,770 o Category: Sports Marketing o Company: NFL o Training/Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, communications, English or business is

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