An Examination Of The Relationship Of Organizational Values, Skills, Culture And Performance Of Micro Businesses

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Paige, R. C., & Emery, C. R. (2005). An examination of the relationship among organizational values, strategies, key success factors, skills, culture and performance of micro-businesses. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 11(1), 35.
Critical Summary of Article
In the United States, people who are interested in starting their own business are able to fulfill their dream. Micro-businesses or businesses less than 10 employees is becoming attractive to potential business owners as it allows less investment and more flexibility to be involved in the business. Stated by Paige, and Emery (2005), the government is implementing programs to entice aging baby boomers to become small business owners instead of exhausting social security by retiring. New programs and funding for potential small business owners may entice some individuals, but it may be a frightening tasks. This study examines, the relationships or linkages between the micro-business owner/managers ' personal values and expertise, the industry 's key success factors, the strategies, the culture, their financial performance, and strategic performance (2005). The information is analyzed to see if owning a small business is a good idea regardless of the personal and professional views of the potential business owner
Critical Analysis of Research Method
According to Paige, and Emery (2005), a questionnaire was sent to a random sample of 1000 small craft retailers that…

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