An Examination Of The Higher Education System Essay example

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Society’s Role in Education Reform
An examination of the higher education system reveals a need for change. This subject has many viewpoints and different solutions, depending on one’s definition for its failure. Freire demonstrated how students are molded into prisoners of the world by only being allowed to think whatever the instructor deposited into them, what he called “banking education”. He believed the solution to this existed in the “problem-posing” approach. In this method, teacher and student played both roles as teacher and pupil. Edmundson, on the other hand, focused on the capitalistic mindset of universities. He described how education has turned into a sales pitch because universities simply cater to students’ interests. Edmundson’s solution is left to the student to implement. He challenged the students to resist doing the bare minimum to pass their courses. That is a great start but other factors are at play here. What is the teacher’s roles in the solution? What about the parents and government? Although I agree with the remedies Freire and Edmundson offer on education reform, neither fully accounted for the societal factor in their solutions. In a way, Freire did consider society in his argument. He believed communication was the missing element in education. Communication, he believed, could dismantle the oppressors’ grip on the poor, uneducated masses. With their control removed, men are then empowered to learn for the first time in their lives. Only…

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