An Examination Of Suicide Among The United States, 31000 Commit Suicide

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Each year in the United States, 31,000 commit suicide. Despite the fact that women attempt suicide more than men, men often succeed at ending life when attempting suicide. Traumatic events such as sexual trauma or physical assault can place people at higher risks for suicide (Tull, 2009).
An examination of suicide amongst war vet performed by MDPI revealed that the suicide is prevalent amongst certain social groups and certain topics come up such as are the members of these groups at higher risk of suicide as opposed to the rest of the population? Moreover, what if any environmental triggers exist to impact suicide rates? Most importantly, can targeted prevention programs be implemented within this framework and is it possible to improve its potential efficacy (Rozanov & Carli, 2012)?
As a result of the complexity of assessments and various procedural approaches to research geared toward detecting whether veterans who have served during times of war have a greater chance of suicide the research methods used tend to give unpredictable outcomes. There are many contingent risk factors for veterans who have served during wartime such as stressful exposures, wound, and trauma to the brain and any pain syndrome. These studies have shown that veterans have a higher risk of committing suicide as well as suffer from mental health problems when compared with the general population (Rozanov & Carli, 2012).
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In the spring of 2010, a report indicated that each day, an…

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