An Examination Of Life And Spiritual Perspectives Essay

809 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
An examination of life and spiritual perspectives that influence my personal belief that God has a plan for my life encompasses all people despite their diversity in ethnicity, culture, religion, or socioeconomic background. Two published articles and a blog found on the internet were used to support my personal belief because they convey similar experiences and validate similar beliefs that I share. Moreover, these sources provide a clear basis of my views on human life, success, and happiness and have shaped my personal value system in regard to faith, purpose, and God’s plan (a pre-constructed plan for human life created by a supreme being).
Late last year, I landed a new job in the District of Columbia that changed my entire perspective about planning for my future. I was elated and upon receiving the great news and began my plan to relocate my family from Dinwiddie, Virginia to the northern, Virginia area. Until I found my own place to live, I stayed at a friend’s house that lived near my new job for the first couple of months. Meanwhile, my son stayed in Dinwiddie with his father. I was so excited of my good fortune: higher salary, more health and other employee benefits and new opportunities.
However, the plan suddenly changed when my son decided that he did not want to relocate. All of the excitement and happiness that I thought I felt immediately dissipated into thin air. Every day, I questioned my decision to leave my son behind to pursue the…

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