An Examination Of Child Abuse Prevention Essay

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A Painful Problem:
An Examination of Child Abuse Prevention
Jason Schafer
Florida State University INTRODUCTION Child abuse is universal, it is not limited to poor families in destitute neighborhoods. Child abuse and neglect crosses all racial, cultural, and economic boundaries. Unfortunately, children are a common target of abuse and neglect. The abuse can come in a variety of forms: sexual, emotional, and physical. This abuse often leads to detrimental problems for the child. Children who are victims of abuse often experience emotional and behavioral problems that affect their well-being. They experience trust issues, damaged self-esteem, and emotional instability. Preventing child abuse and neglect is a top priority for the global society. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which the frequency of child abuse and neglect can be diminished.

ARTICLE 1 Michelle, Kevin and Jennifer (1995) interviewed ninety-one child sex offenders about the age range of their victims, targeting methods, how they maintained children as victims. The research was conducted using a structured questionnaire. The interviewees were all convicted male sex offenders whose ages ranged from 19 to 74 years old. The study showed that most sex offenders had multiple victims. According to the results, 23% percent of the sex offenders had sexually abused between 10 and 40 children. The most significant result from the study was that most victims were friends of family of the abuser.…

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