An Evidence Based Quality Improvement Project Using A Pretest / Posttest

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I am writing to obtain permission to conduct an evidence-based quality improvement project using a pretest/posttest design in your facility with the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of an educational intervention regarding the importance and use of the nurse driven protocol on nurses ' knowledge and CAUTI rates.
This study will be done to fullfill requirements for completion of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Regis University, Denver, CO. The following information is an overview of the project: Can Empowered Nurses Decrease CAUTI rates?
This project will employ a Population-Intervention-Comparative-Outcome (PICO) fromat for development of the research question to be investigated:
Population: Nurses on the medical-surgical floor taking care of patients with urinary catheters
Intervention: Education on importance and use of nurse-driven indewlling urinary catheter removal protocol
Comparative: No previous documented education
Outcome: Change nurses knowledge on the importance and use of the nurse-driven urinary catheter removal protocol as evidenced by pre and post test scores and decrease in catheter associated urinary infection (CAUTI) rate by audit after three months.
Research Question: How will education on the importance and use of the nurse-driven indwelling urinary catheter removal protocol affect knowledge of nurses taking care of patients with urinary…

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