Essay about An Event That Changed My Life

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I am going to be writing about an event that dramatically changed my life in various ways, and what impact this had on me and on those people around me.
The year was 2003 I was twenty-two years old. I had been living with my partner for over a year. I had my own business, we had nice holidays, I was four months pregnant and life was good.
I had worked so hard to get my business off the ground, a lesson I know now that I unconsciously learned through primary, and later secondary socialisation. I had been brought up to recognize and have the understanding that you worked hard to have nice things in life; only you can be accountable for your own success.
Fast forward two months and I find myself in a car with my father, surrounded with as many of my belongings as we could physically take, we were homeward bound. I was returning to my childhood home. The house I had not lived in since I was nineteen. Events had happened outside of my control, my entire world, life and all the values I had associated with it, all came crashing down.
I felt extreme isolation, and decided to sell my business. My occupational or achieved status changed from business owner to unemployed. My role of being a partner or girlfriend had diminished and I felt my role return to that of a daughter, which unknowingly was relying on my parents for love, support and guidance just like in my early years.
I had never anticipated that I would ever become a single unemployed mother, what norms accompanied this…

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