An Event Organizer : Church And School Events Essay examples

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3. Hug after all the arguments
I used to work as an event organizer: church and school events; and I thought organizing my own wedding will be that easy. I was wrong. Preparing my big day is more stressful than I ever thought. Both Andrew and I feel the tensions from preparing the upcoming wedding. In this situation, our emotions become like a roller coaster. We have arguments very often, even for a small thing. It is difficult not to argue with him, and I know that trying to avoid arguments is impossible. But, I 'm grateful for my fiance. Andrew says 'I love you ' to me like endless everyday. Even after the argument, Andrew tells me again and again how he loves me. I do the same to him, and we hug each others. Hearing that magic words and being in his embrace are very fulfilling.

4. Staying pure is staying pure. No compromise!
Before Andrew and I decided to date, Andrew told me a very good point: sex for marriage. I couldn 't agree more with that. We set boundaries between us and keep reminding each others.

I want to be honest with you, since I started wearing the engagement ring, I realize that staying pure is even more challenging. Yes you are loved! Yes you are wanted! Yes you will be one with him! But you just got engaged, and not married yet. Don 't let your heart and mind being manipulated by 'Oh, I 'm almost married! ' Then the idea of being in marriage kick on. However, being engaged is not being married. Staying pure is staying pure. Wait until the wedding…

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