An Evaluation System Is The Best System Essay

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Value in performance which is based on accomplishments, an individuals is pressured to performed and the outcome is a more efficient work force. Valued performance compared to an evaluation system that has automatic step increases which are automatic, will struggle to keep pace with the employees perception of which is the best system. Simple fact that the step increase system allows a mediocre employee to receive an increase in line with everyone else. The parasites of the workforce will keep a low profile and let others complete the entire difficult task and reap the rewards at the end of the year.

In a highly productive atmosphere, this will create negatives attitudes and animosity between the employees. It is my belief that this system is the most unfair. It coddles the underachievers and gives them security of guaranteed pay increases. . This system tends to hold back the employees that have goals of greatness. It lowers moral and creates a work place full of drab and despair. Why try?

An employee in the step increase system allows others to do majority of work without putting in an effort. There is no desire for learning new systems or evaluating where they have chances to improve working environments. Their outlook and goal is to produce the minimal amount of work and get through the year without a negative discussions session. If they can achieve this through the rating period then they will qualify for the increase. Step increases are based on seniority and give…

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