An Evaluation Of Theodicy Essay

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An Evaluation of Theodicy Since man ha excited, we have tried to explain conundrums of the natural world, and if there is no clear explanation, we have historically created religions to help deliver some comprehension. For example, if there was a drought in ancient times, it could be assumed that God was angry with the society for not sacrificing enough, or not meeting their tithing of sorts. But if God is all loving, powerful, and knowing, why would she create a world with evils such as said drought. If she loves us, she must not want us to suffer, and if she is all powerful, she has the ability to stop such suffering. Then the existence of evil, suffering, and all bad things, causes a contradiction that is often brought up as a position to refute the existence of God. Theodicy, in turn, is used to try to explain this contradiction. St. Thomas Aquinas states that God created the universe in order to spread love for herself, and to have true love for this God, there must be suffering. To the same point, Hicks states that humans must have free will to actively choose to love God, otherwise there would be no true love. Thus we need to suffer to truly know God’s love, and free will to validate the choice spread her love. In addition, Hicks states that free will or moral freedom is a vital part of what is to be human. He states that if God made man devoid of moral freedom, so that he would never be able to do wrong, that man would not be man at all. In addition Augustine…

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