An Evaluation Of The National And Community Resources That Are Available For Individuals Suffering From Kidney Disease

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Locating Resources There are several national and community resources that are available for individuals suffering from kidney disease. These individuals require a broad range of assistance at different levels of care. The current patient will need to find health care providers, employment and educational resources, and access to information on clinical trials. Hence, there is a need to provide him or her with the appropriate information. Judging from the patent’s interview, she does not require a substantial amount of financial assistance. Hence, she will need more assistance with the resources above. Firstly, the patient needs to attain a source that will provide her with information about the different resources she can use for her condition. Hence, the website for the National Kidney Foundation is the first resource that the patient should receive. The website has a page for patients that consist of resources such as care providers, prescription assistance, insurance resources, financial resources, transplant organizations, family and care partner resources, and so many others. Apart from the resources, the page provides the patient with some educational information on her condition. She is also able to interact with healthcare professionals through the sites as it provides contact details, which will assist her in resolving different questions. The resource is beneficial as it is easy to operate and navigate, and uses a language that is understandable for the…

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