An Evaluation Of Critically Evaluate Career Success Essay example

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This essay is divided into four parts with the objective of critically evaluate career success. Each part will have the following topics as the main objective with additional relevant information to compliment or support the statement.
The first part of this paper will look at relevant papers on the career success, the differences in its definition, reasons for these differences and the ways to measure career success. The second part will look at the model used to conceptualised career success and differences in context. The third part is a discussion of the findings of a qualitative research using semi-structured interviews. The fourth and final part will provide a critical evaluation of the writers’ final stance on this topic.

The subject of career success has been extensively researched throughout the years, plenty of research has been done on how other variables such as person-environment fit and organizational support lead to a career success (Ballout, 2007), happiness in the workplace suggest that positive emotions should be valued as they can promote optimal functioning being important for career success (Boehm & Lyubomirsky, 2008). These studies serve as a reference to the importance of what career success is; likewise, the subject can be determined to be important for employees as well as employers. Because it shares a link between other organisational and employees variables.
Some of the definitions that can be extracted from previous research conceptualised…

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