Essay about An Evaluation Of Children With Developmental Disabilities

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There are many sensitive topics to consider when providing services to people with developmental disabilities. One specific aspect that should be deemed highly important is diversity. More specifically, culture differences including family styles, religion, race, socioeconomic status, and the greater community the person with a disability belongs to. The diagnosis of Autism is global; therefore within the context of the family dynamic, differences can be vast. Currently, diversity research in the realm of autism is limited however, as professionals are becoming more aware, new developments are being made. Taking individual and family beliefs into account when devising and implementing treatment plan should be considered a clinician’s most important job in person centered planning.
When students with ASD are culturally and linguistically diverse, families and professionals assessing and providing services need to understand all dimensions that encompass the individual. These dimensions can affect identification, assessment, and treatment strategies. Principles for serving students with ASD incorporates all related service providers such as speech and language pathologist, physical, occupational therapist and other appropriate professionals are responsible to form partnerships with the individual and their families. These practitioners should implement assessments, and treatment plans while incorporating cultural differences and family dynamics, while respecting the many…

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