An Evaluation Of An Operational Program Planner Essay

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Estimating Time

Asking the non-expert first

Every project I’m assigned to work help with is behind schedule, so for contrast, I’ll refer to a program that was successful from a time perspective. I worked for a few years as an operational program planner. We manufactured three products for our customers through one assembly line. I had to manage products based on who needed what and by when, by factoring in material availability. I constructed a formula from the breakdown of our monthly schedule which was created from our customer’s contractual agreement, our on hand materials, and resource capability. I would produce a daily build number for each product type. I would have to factor in the elements that some parts would run short during our build or quality may deem them as unacceptable. This could affect the entire line or one product inclusively. As a quick example of a schedule constraint refer to table 1 below. This is quick demonstration of the ideology I would use to construct my workarounds.

Table 1

The worst case scenario always occurred when a part was deemed out of specification and if it was used on all products, it was a guaranteed line down situation. My boss, who was also responsible for the stockroom, detested inventory surpluses because more inventory meant higher costs. So, I couldn 't overstock items to get me through these circumstances, however, contingency time was built into the system. Due to the fact that my numbers were always…

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