An Evaluation Of An Investigation Essays

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When initiating an investigation, I begin with the proper assessment of the target(s) and the identification of possible criminal activity. This assessment is made through the gathering of intelligence. I have always believed intelligence led policing is paramount. Information should not begin and end with word of mouth or simply a notebook, but with well written reports entered into formal intelligence systems for the purpose of sharing with other law enforcement agencies throughout the country and world. This provides the best opportunities for all to collectively succeed. While constantly attempting to improve my utilization of intelligence, I have dilligently educated myself on policies and practices related to the use of criminal intelligence systems, such as 28 Code of Federal Regulations Part 23. I believe that accountability in reference to obtaining, submitting, and disseminating intelligence information must be maintained at all times. While assigned to the Intelligence & Criminal Enterprise Section, I have personally entered and assisted with entering information into NJIS-InfoShare, as well as assessed, analyzed and updated intelligence information. I have also used Info-Share for the purposes of assessing target(s) during investigations.

I enjoy taking part in investigations conducted in a team environment. During each assignment, I have utilized Division resources and worked in conjunction with other units during my investigations, as well as during…

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