An Evaluation Of An Assignment Essay

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Genogram Paper
Jermaine Hibbert
Seton Hall University

Genogram Paper
Engaging in the genogram assignment proved to be a challenging, arduous, and enlightening experience to say the least. Although, my genogram is not as extensive and accurate as it could be, that in and of it-self proved to be an area of unexplored learning of growth. Firstly, I will cover the information I was able to glean from my journalism like exploits with the few family members I knew well enough to answer some of the tell-all questions I was expected ask. Secondly, I will attempt to explore and process as best as I can all the limitations, whether self imposed or boundaries that my large, yet somewhat disconnected family has set in place. These limitations most importantly include my own reluctance/resistance to reach out to as many family members as possible and go down the arduous road of learning all there is to know about my family on both the paternal and maternal sides. I do not think I have ever been so aware of my own resistance to a topic/activity in my entire life. That last statement can serve as a preface to just how difficult this assignment really was and became for me, which I think all the gaps and lapses of knowledge in my genogram that coincides with this reflection will apparently show. My family of origin’s ethnicity is Jamaican. Paternal and maternal side of my family originate from the country of Jamaica, and due to immigration some of it has ended up either…

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