Essay on An Evaluation Of A Social Worker

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Arapahoe County Children, Youth and Family Services Division I choose to do my research about this agency because it is a service division I could see myself working for once I get my MSW. It is also an agency in the county where I currently live so it seemed fitting to get to know an agency that is nearby and relevant to my situation. The country had many divisions related to social work, but I chose to interview a social worker who is a Case Worker from the Children, Youth and Family Services Division because she does a lot of work that is similar to what I would like to do and the type of environment I would like to be in for internships or field education experience. This agency is very appealing and relevant for any clients who struggle with trauma, sexual abuse within a family (or anyone), couples who want to adopt children, struggling youth, or foster care issues. The division includes Child Protection Services that respond to cases of neglect and abuse, with different teams—an intake team, a permanency team, the Collaborative Foster Care Program, the Adoption Program, as well as mandatory reporter training for the county. This resource is well developed and many clients seek their help from the surrounding areas within the county boundaries. The county works closely with schools, law enforcement, and other agencies to try to provide for the needs of families. Because I want to work with youth and their families, this resource was very relevant to me because…

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