Essay on An Evaluation Of A Research Experiment

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Considering the information from your lectures, what is the most appropriate analysis you need to carry out? How does this inform your experimental design and why did you choose this analysis method? What is the rationale behind your choice?
PCR cannot be analysed statistically as it does not give any numerical data to work with. From this experiment, results will be found and recorded, however this data will only show what microorganisms are present in which samples which cannot be analysed statistically. Difference in the samples can be seen but cannot be analysed, therefore other tests are needed to assess for differences in the water samples. Using a viable count, numbers of colonies can be counted to assess the concentration of microorganisms in the water samples. The data which will be available from this will be several mean values from each of the types of water. A statistical test is needed which can compare several water samples to one individual negative control which in the experiment is distilled water. The appropriate test for analysing this data is therefore a one way ANOVA. A one way ANOVA can be performed if the data set contains several independent samples which share a common variance and follow a normal distribution. These will have to be assumed to carry out the test, however an f test can be done to find this out first. The palintest follows the same principals as the viable count, whereby several mean values are found for attributes of the water…

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