An Evaluation Of A Moral Dilemma Essay

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Dentition Making Certainly, in one point of our life we have question ourselves on how to accomplish the most accurate decision in a moral dilemma. Imagine this scenario, you are a doctor in an oncology ward in a major city that is strapped for financial and material resources. The hospital admitted two new patients. One patient is suffering from a seemingly incurable form of cancer. She has a family for whom she is the primary breadwinner. You know that there is an experimental drug that you could prescribe to her that may help, but that there are significant risks to her health in trying this new medication on her. The second patient seemed to be well on his way to recovering from his own bout with cancer, but this recent admission to the hospital makes his recovery less certain. You consider that he will likely recover if he receives the experimental drug and that he is unlikely to recover without the drug. He also has a family and regularly contributes large amounts of money to local charities. The only problem is that you have only one dose of the drug in the hospital. You have to choose which one to help. There is no possibility to help both. There are several philosophical ideologies that suggest a correct decision making for this scenario based on their own method of analysis on what is morally right. Today we are going to focus in the Deontology theory and two Consequentialism theories called Act-Utilitarianism and Rule-Utilitarianism which share the same base…

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