An Evaluation Of A Interview Essay

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Methodology Used
Conducting interviews requires much thought, sophistication, and adaptability. For the current project, the respondents were only two in number, thus taking some strain off the process. Semi-structure interviews are tool well suited for this type of research . They allow the interviewer to formulate and adapt questions accordingly. Closed-ended questions are usually the rule to begin with, but they can be altered to open-ended questions much easier, when the interview is one on one. For the present of interviews, the questions were open-ended, while space was left for adding even more sub-questions, based on the responses and engagement of the respondent . Before each interview was conducted an outline of the project’s purpose was sent beforehand.
The choice of the two respondents was weighed against the interviewer’s available time, the characteristics of the held positions, and the prospects of diversity of those positions. The first selection was focused on finding a faculty member with a concurrent administrative role. The choice of Dr. Ted Zervas, Associate Professor and Coordinator for M.A in Teaching and other faculty at North Park fit the initial criteria. A factor though that aided the selection of the respondent was my loose affiliation with Dr. Zervas. His parents and my father are form the same town, and thus it would be easier to approach him. I’ve met with him a few times over the years, for a few minutes. It came to mind that this affiliation…

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