An Evaluation Of A First Year Special Education Teacher Essay example

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Through the execution of a detached open-ended qualitative design an evaluation of a first year special education teacher was conducted. The purpose of the evaluation was to gain insight to daily lessons and routines in which students encounter on a daily basis. An environmental evaluation was carried out, thereby illuminating effective and ineffective elements incorporated into the learning atmosphere. An analysis of classroom management techniques was the key focus of the evaluation. It is imperative teachers establish and maintain effective classroom management as it aids in on task behaviors, enhances student engagement, promotes positive social behaviors, and maximizes instructional time. Proficient use of personnel as well as student grouping proved to be vital to this unique student body. The lesson selected for the evaluation was designed to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities, as specialized academic instruction was apparent. The observation of a special education teacher who serves students with mild to moderate disabilities was insightful as learning environments must be individualized.
Keywords: special education, specialized academic instruction, classroom management

Background Information The educational institute utilized in this analysis is an elementary school housed within Southern California. More specifically, the elementary school is located in Hemet Unified School District. The classroom selected for analysis…

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