An Evaluation Of A Child 's Advancement Essay

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An assessment is an organized evaluation of a child 's advancement, this includes physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social - by a developmental assessment professional, or a group of experts that can include a pediatrician, audiologist, language specialist, child analyst, occupational therapist and a physical therapist. This assessment is tailored to a child’s age and suspected delay or problem.
The Proper name/Acronym of this Pediatric Assessment
The assessment is a widely used assessment and is generally known as the Developmental Screening Test with acronym (DDST).
When it was developed
The developmental screen test (DDST) was originally developed at the University of Colorado medical Center, Denver, USA in 1967. And was revised in 1992 and called the DENVER II.
Appropriate age(s) for the assessment
The assessment is widely used to examine the developmental progress of children from their birth until the age of six (6).
What the assessment measures
The assessment is to screen children from one month to six years of age to measure or check for possible developmental problems, to confirm if there are any suspected problems with an objective measure, examine a child’s performance on several age-appropriate tasks, also to monitor children who are at risk for developmental problems and designed to compare the performance of a child to other children’s performance of the same age.
The assessment is primarily based on the specialists’ definite observation and the…

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