An Evaluation Model For Manufacturing Smes Essay

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A Summary of the Article, “Organizational Readiness to Adopt ERP: An Evaluation Model for Manufacturing SMEs” by Louis Raymond, Suzanne Rivard and Danie Jutras
In the previous years, ERP had been only used by large organizations. However, this trend has changed because even SMEs are currently making use of ERP, despite the technology being complex and enormous for SMEs. It is because of this change of trend that Louis Raymond, Suzanne Rivard and Danie Jutras, in this article, are proposing and validating a framework which helps to analysis the how ready a SME is to adopt and implement ERP system. These scholars narrow their focus to a manufacturing sector.
In the introductory part, Louis Raymond, Suzanne Rivard and Danie Jutras express the complexity of ERP systems and the risks which this system carries. They also single out that the system was previously for large organizations, but that is no longer the case in the current setting. Referring to the works of White and Pender, the authors of this article rebrand the ERP systems in two dimensions. First, they characterize it as a company solution which is very big for small companies and secondly they refer to it as the challenge SMEs are facing to integrate the system in their structure while keeping costs of doing so down. They give a brief account of the existing literature regarding the same whereby they cite how difficult this is at implementation for big company and how it has at some point failed to deliver as…

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