An Essay On The Day My Brothers Near Death

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Everyone has had bad days, right? But have you ever had a day go so wrong that it shakes you to the core? Nothing is right and you want to stop time? The day I witnessed my brothers near death, was the most traumatic memory from my childhood. From a young age, I learned just how ugly the world truly was, and this memory molded me into the person I am today.

On March 16th 2001, I became a big sister to a beautiful set of twins. My brother and sister, fraternal twins, stole my heart the minute I first saw them. I remember walking into the nursery and being hit with the smell of Johnsons baby shampoo, hearing the soft coos of the newborns filling the room, and feeling their soft, tiny hands grab onto my outreached finger. These two little miracles
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My brother had digestive issues as a newborn, which made him fussy and unappeasable. My father could no longer tolerate my brothers ear piercing screams and had become sleep deprived. On the night my father snapped, I had walked into the kitchen and witnessed a real life horror in front of my eyes. I saw my fathers face turn into a hideous mask of anger as he picked my brother up and shock him so violently that my brothers pale face turned blue and his cries had stopped. Shock took over my body, I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t grasp what had just happened. When my mother heard …show more content…
Both me parents were charged with child abuse and neglect. The trails began and ended within a few months. I was not allowed to attend or to testify. I had been witness to the abuse but due to my young age, defense argued that I could have been coached. In the end, the judge had ruled guilty and sentenced both of my parents to two years in prison. I had no feelings of grief for my father, he was responsible and I felt he had gotten what he deserved. What was so hard for me to understand was why my mother? She had done everything to protect us and she had been my brothers savior. Back then and now, it still seems unfair and unjustified to me.

The twins and I were raised by my grandparents from that point on, which was a blessing, and we could only see our mother every other weekend. I was distraught without my mother and hated to leave her when our visitations were over. What child deserves to suffer through this? I was mad at the world for not realizing that I had already been through enough and didn’t deserve to continue living like

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