An Essay On Golden Retrievers

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One of the most popular dogs in the United States is a Golden Retriever. They are known for their retrieving skills and hunting. Although they are well-shaped dogs and are very loving to all welcoming families. They are very intelligent especially when learning tricks or potty training.These dogs are easily trained,athletic, are very healthy,and super playful. I have respect for Golden Retrievers because of their loyalty to their owners and their kindness. Golden Retrievers are very smart dogs and that comes with good training.Although they are not protective dogs they are more outgoing than any other dog breed. Golden Retrievers can easily learn basic tricks like lay down,roll over,and sit but most Golden Retrievers are given up by their owners before they learn more complicated tricks such as hug,hide n seek,and crawling.If owners become dedicated to training their Golden Retrievers their dogs could get those …show more content…
Sometimes Golden Retrievers play with toys, sticks, or even do didos across an open area. Although when Golden Retrievers play with toys such as tug-o-war but they are very careful and don't really pull hard because they don't want to hurt the owner. Although against dogs they don't mind and will just pull a smaller dog around. Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs for all people from ages ranging from newborn to ninety years old. Also they are sweet, playful, and lift up spirits. Plus Golden Retrievers have a good life span usually around twelve years old usually because they have good healthcare and die from old age. Golden Retrievers are ranked number one in the United States and have always been a great dog breed. Although Golden Retrievers are lap dogs and love to give kisses to any hand hanging by their face. This dog is the perfect breed for anybody wanting to welcome a new best friend to their

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