An Essay On Active Acquired Immunity

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The immune system is a host defense mechanism that involves a complex collection of molecules, cells, and tissue. The primary function of the immune system is responsible for recognizing and differentiating between harmful and none harmful microbes in the human body. When a human is resistant to a certain disease, that human is known to be immune. The term used to describe an immune individual is referred to as immunity. The primary function of immunity is to become resistant to certain infectious diseases.
There are two major immune systems that distinguishes foreign substances. Humoral immunity is a group that consists of antigens that freely circulating in the body. Antigens are foreign substances that include viruses. Humoral immunity involves B cells that recognize antigens or pathogens. Antigens can also stimulate the production of antibodies. Antibodies have the capability of recognizing and destroying pathogens. However, antibodies are rarely ever involved in cell-medicated immunity. Cell-medicated immunity involve T cells and responds to viruses, tumor cells, or transplanted cells.
There are also two types of immunities: active and passive acquired immunity. Active acquired immunity is antibodies being produced
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Therefore their bodies have not yet built an immune system of active acquired immunity. Children are exposed to many colds, sinus infections, etc. Their bodies will build an immune system once they experience other homes and daycares. As elderly age, their immune systems decrease and do not function as well. Their immune system is open to more infections like urinary tract and respiratory infections. A defense mechanism is ways in which the body protects itself from pathogens. However, immunity is developed through active and passive acquired, which can be developed naturally or artificially. Immunity is referred to as how the body protects itself through a

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