An Essay About Women 's Life

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“Hmm,” mumbled Charity. She knew what he meant by women things- she had found out about a woman’s curse the year before when she had come of childbearing age, as her grandmother called it.
After finishing up their quick breakfast of leftover biscuits and the bacon she fried, they finished loading the wagon and were driving away from the old cabin by the time the sun was coming up. Charity never looked back as they drove away- she was more interested in what lay ahead than what she was leaving behind. Besides, they’d be back in less than a week, or so she thought…
For the first few miles, the ride was uneventful; they were both quiet, each, with stuff other than talking on their minds. Even if there had been something new and beautiful to see, Charity’s mind was on where they were going and who she might meet. It was not on the beautiful mountains, the valleys, the trees, or the animals that surrounded them.
About noon, they stopped to stretch their legs and eat some of the bread and venison they’d brought with them from home. They had both been quieter than was their usual on this journey; both, lost in their own thoughts and concerns. When Charity suddenly spoke, it startled her grandfather; he had to ask her to repeat what she’d said.
“I asked you what they’re like, Grandpa.”
“What who‘s like?” Grandpa responded.
“Your friends; the ones you said we are going to see,” Charity said.
“Well,” said Grandpa, hesitating. “They are a lot like us, I reckon. Eli married a…

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