An Essay About Volunteer Work

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Volunteer work isn’t a burden, which is why I do it. I volunteer anywhere possible doing whatever I can to better the community. The only sacrifice made is your time and in my case your emotions. I connected with an elderly woman named Magdalynn I called her Maggie. She meant a lot to me, But now she’s gone.
I was nine when I met her at a park just down the street from where I live now, and me being the arrogant little nine year old I was I thought she was just another random old hag… She proved me wrong. When I was ten we moved into the house I live in now. Luckily for me it was only one street up from where we were living, so at this point my mom would trust me enough to let me go to the park as long as I was accompanied, which was almost always my brother. I was ten when I started volunteering at the nursery home down the street from that park. When I walked into the nursery home I recognized her so I wanted to get to know her. It took me a while to realize why she was at the park that day, but I learned quickly.
After I had met her I actually liked her. When I saw her at the park she just seemed like a bother, but I judged a book by the cover and it was wrong of me I know that now. I wasn’t rude to her or anything like that just didn’t acknowledge her presence. The more I got to know this woman the more I realized it wasn’t just me. She had no family left around her. She had no friends. It made me sad, but not for her more like for others. This woman was splendid and…

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