An Essay About My Father And Brother Are Out Of The House

2156 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 9 Pages
It is quiet. My father and brother are out of the house. They are doing their “Father-son” bonding time. I sit on the couch, watching a show. It is mindless a drama show where people fight for no reason. It is nice to let go every now and then, forgetting all the strife in life. “What is this?” my mother asks me. She is holding up my report card. I sigh, “My report card.” I know what is coming next. I pick up the remote and turn off the television. I prepare myself for her anger. “I meant the grades,” my mother is tapping her foot. “They are deplorable. Look! A ‘C’!” my mother hit her hand on the sheet, waving it like a flag. Ah, that must be my history grade. I reply with nothing. When it comes to grades, it is better to listen than explain, excuse me, argue. A ‘C’ is as good as sacrilege in my house. Nothing below perfection for my mother. The house must be tidy in order for anyone to step foot in, the tempo of our piano must be the same as the metronome, the grades must be ‘A’s the entire way through. A ‘B’ gets us a warning. A ‘C’ is when they start to punish us. “This is what happens when you watch television all day! Your brains are mush! Can you even understand what I am saying?!” I nod. “Yes, mom.” “I am very disappointed in you!” my mother has a habit I do not like listening to my mother when she is upset. She sounds like a goat when she gets upset. I wait until there is a break in her yelling. She takes a deep breath, meaning that she is done with her…

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