An Essay About My Fake Baby For Child Development

1476 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
Throw in the jeans, a pair of church clothes, a t-shirt, and don’t forget the tooth brush. Another trip to Dad 's is on the horizon. But before I can travel I must make it through 5:30 a.m. basketball practice, a College Biology test, a Government essay, and a CTSO Executive lunch meeting, while taking care of my fake baby for Child Development.
When that baby cries, you have to stop what you are doing to take care of it, even if it means waking up at 3 a.m and all you want is rip the batteries out. In order to accomplish all of these undertakings, and excel in them, I have developed the art of prioritizing. To prioritize effectively, I make lists and use a calendar to keep my tasks organized. I prefer to do projects in the order of their deadlines. However, when something comes in that needs to be addressed right away, I know how to put everything to the side and focus on the more pressing matter at hand. Being able to prioritize helps me hone my time management skills by improving my productivity and increasing my efficiency, making it easier for me to push towards my goals. Being able to keep all of my tasks in order is the only way to survive. No matter how you prioritize, missing school always leaves a volcanic eruption of homework, but missing school and facing the resultant avalanche of work is worth it for things like CPR training and job shadowing, which prepares me for the road ahead.
Preparing for the road ahead is something all seniors face. Some do it with ease,…

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